As its first product offering, 24eight has developed a cellular based, customer focused line of healthcare products that are now ready to go to market with its strategic partners, value added resellers and direct to the consumer TV shopping channels. The Company's products currently address fall detection, illness assessment/management, active daily living situations and additionally act as information gateways to transmit vital health data from its and third party's medical devices reliably and securely.

24eight has built best in class communications middleware, an analytics cloud and has contracted with vendors and service providers necessary to attain full scale commercialization.

SenseAFall™, SmartSlipper™

SmartBoot, SmartScope

SenseAFall™ ("SAF")

SenseAFall™ is the Company's entry into the consumer medical device “Personal Emergency Response System" (“PERS") market and differs significantly from other devices. Importantly, SenseAFall™ simultaneously acts as a mobile gateway, gathering and transmitting information from other wireless healthcare devices.
  • Approximately the size of a mouse and worn like a pager, the product leverages cellular network architecture and contains proprietary human fall analytics.
  • It does not need to be triggered by the user.
  • It automatically and immediately detects falls and connects the user with a specialized 24/7 call center to establish two way voice communication to provide required emergency services.
  • If the user is unable to respond, the call center automatically will contact local emergency services using pre-established protocols.
  • SenseAFall™ uses cellular triangulation and GPS to locate the user for local emergency service providers. The GPS system is integrated directly into internet mapping sites and allows call center personnel and caregivers the ability to identify the location of users down to “street view".
  • It can function both indoors and outside, wherever there is a cellular signal.
  • It processes fall analytics at both the device and server levels.
  • It has extended battery life which can last 5-7 days without recharging and automatically notifies the wearer if the battery is low.
This product is scheduled for introduction launch in Q1-Q2 2012 through the Company's partnership with Verizon Wireless' B2B sales force as well as direct-to-customers through television shopping channels.


SmartSlippers™ integrate the Company's sensor technology and wireless capabilities to collect, analyze and transmit stability information for real-time risk assessment.

SmartSlippers™, which come in six sizes and three colors, measure foot pressure, stride and general mobility, which can be used in many healthcare applications, including the prediction and prevention of falls, identifying a change in activity and/or tracking progress in physical therapy and as part of hospital exit programs to reduce re-admittance rates.


SmartInsoles™ are wireless motion and pressure sensing devices capable of transmitting data to complimentary devices to support medical, sports and gaming applications.

SmartInsoles measure foot pressure, stride, energy indexing, general mobility and fit into any style of footwear.